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AULAC (Ansal University Legal Aid Clinic) organised a LEGAL LITERACY CAMP in collaboration with the Sehgal Foundation in Bhandgpur village , Tauru block on 28 th February 2018. Committee members of AULAC presented a Street Play regarding the legal awareness in the field of CHILD RIGHTS. This Legal literacy camp deals with the citizen's information & support centre, Integrated Child Development Services, Mid-day Meal, Public Distribution System, Labour Development, Agricultural Programme & Right to Information. Student volunteers helped villagers filling the forms, solving queries and updating their records. Student volunteers had an interactive session with the villagers wherein villagers were provided with proper information. Chief Judicial Magistrate ,Mewat addressed the gathering regarding respective issues and appreciated the student volunteers as well as the street play. He encouraged the committee members to continue with these kinds of activities on regular basis.


An awareness program on “Sexual Harassment at the Workplace” was organised by School of Law, Ansal University on April 4, 2018. Ms. Avani Bansal, Supreme Court Advocate, founder of the popular YouTube channel “Hamara Kanoon” and an alumnus of HNLU Raipur and Oxford University, addressed the students, faculty and staff of the university on the topic of sexual harassment. She discussed the modern contours of sexual harassment and how it has become an all-pervasive nuisance fostered by an environment of silence and acceptance. Ms. Bansal demonstrated how most victims and survivors of sexual harassment resort to silence and our lives begin to end the day we stop speaking for things that matter and it is one such thing and threw some light on the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. As a society, we have certain responsibility towards the victim to be able to let the person come out and speak about it openly as it can happen to anyone even within the four corners of the house by one’s very own family member. She talked about the importance of communal support for victims of sexual harassment at the workplace or elsewhere and the thin line between the compliment and harassment. She also reflected on how this law is being misused by women yet it is important to have a law favouring women for many reasons. This awareness programme was extremely beneficial for the students and these simple awareness programmes make a tangible difference given the fact that being law teachers and law students, we have the responsibility to bring in the change.


School of Law, Ansal University organized 2nd Edition of the Ansal University International Moot Court Competition (AUIMCC) on 23-25 February, 2018. The Competition was inaugurated by Dr. E.M.S. Natiachappan, Former Union Minister and President, Indian Society of International Law (ISIL), Justice S.N. Dhingra, former Judge, Delhi High Court and Dr. K.N. Chaturvedi, former Law Secretary, Government of India on 23 February 2018. The Competition witnessed participation from numerous teams across the country including a team from Indonesia. The finals which were held on 25 February was judged by Hon’ble Justice Karpaga Vinayagam, former Chief Justice, Jharkhand High Court, Dr. Aman Hingorani, Senior Partner at Hingorani & Associates, Mr. Matthew Slone, Director, Global Litigation Services, United Lex, Dr. Sunod Jacob, Associate Professor and International Law expert and Mr. Pranaya Goel, Advocate on Record and Partner, Wadia Ghandy.

Symbiosis Law School, Pune won the competition with a cash prize of Rs. 50,000 and Government Law College Mumbai were the runners up winning a cash prize of Rs. 30,000. Vaibhav Tiwari of Symbiosis, Pune was adjudged as the Best Speaker-1 and Varsha Singh of School of Law, Christ University was adjudged the Best Speaker-2. The award of the Best Memorial was bagged by Symbiosis Law School, Pune and Arnav Bishnoi of RGNUL, Punjab was declared as the Best Researcher.

School of Law keeping spirits of camaraderie, bonhomie alive hosted its 2nd Annual Sports Meet titled 'Blaze 2018’ on 15-16 February, 2018 which was inaugurated by renowned sports luminaries, esteemed bureaucrats and Academicians such as Mr. Anil Kumar, SP (Prisons), Haryana, Mr. Govind Bali, Renowned Equestrian, Mr. Digvijay Singh, Eminent Golfer in the august presence of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Ansal University, Dr. Kamlesh Misra and Dean, School of Law, Dr. P. Lakshmi. The fantastic turnout of the students and the pleasant weather were the perfect boost for the sports day of the School of Law. Once the races began on the first day, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young athletes. A wide spectrum of sports, ranging from Football, Athletics, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Basketball to Fun Games like Sack and Lemon race filled the entire ambiance with enormous energy and enthusiasm. Mr. Manoj Dhankar, renowned International Wrestler and Mr. Sajan Singh, renowned Horse rider along with Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, Dr. Kamlesh Misra and Hon'ble Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr. M.K Vajpayee graced the Valedictory Ceremony and distributed Trophies and Medals to the winners amidst euphoric applause by the students of Ansal University. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) Kamlesh Misra congratulated the winners and is of the view that Gold medals aren't really made of gold but they are made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.

 School of Law, Ansal University hosted ‘Legal Desire Summit & Awards, 2018’ and invited Lawyers, Law firms professionals, law faculty, students, deans, administrators, and scholars across the country. The event served as an opportunity to connect and collaborate with colleagues, discussed critical and emerging legal issues, and focused on fresh perspectives on law and legal education.

The programme started with an Inaugural Session with legal dignitaries namely, Hon’ble Justice M.K. Sharma, Mr. Lalit Bhasin, Mr. Santosh Paul, and Mr. Aristotle Joseph, followed by sessions in the Auditorium and technical sessions simultaneously in other rooms on new laws and challenges, human rights and constitutionalism, arbitration and role of in-house counsels and law and technology, where the students, research scholars and legal professionals across the country presented papers. The main attraction was the presence of Mr. Ram Jethmalani for the Awards Ceremony to felicitate the legal fraternity for their incredible contribution and achievements. School of Law, Ansal University received an award for ‘The Best Emerging Law School’ from the Legal Desire which was given by Mr. Ram Jethmalani and Dr. P. Lakshmi, Dean, School of Law, Ansal  University bagged the award for ‘Academic Excellence’. Some of our students, Manmita Chopra, Divyansh Mahajan, Raghumanyu Taneja, Sahil Handa and Vineeth P.R. presented research papers.


Gone are the days when after graduating from a law school, one only practiced in courts and law was only compartmentalized into civil and criminal law. There is a plethora of opportunities for a law graduate like practicing in the Courts, Judicial Services, UPSC, Armed Forces, Academics, NGOs, Legal Editor, Legal Journalist, Legal Advisor for MNCs, legal officers for Banks and Insurance Companies, Consultancies including big fours, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), Armed Forces (Judge Advocate General), an Income Tax Consultant, Crime Intelligence Analyst, Environmental Consultant etc. and the opportunities have only been increasing with the technological advancement.

Judicial Service Examination which is organized by every state exclusively for law graduates is one good career option. School of Law, Ansal University organized a Strategic session on Judicial Services Examination on 19 January 2018 to equip our students with the nuances of Competitive Exam. Mr Danish Hasnain was the key speaker for the event, he discussed at length the tactics one should opt for preparing for these exams.


Lohri, the winter bonfire festival, was celebrated on Friday, 12 January 2018 at School of Law, Ansal University with lots of exuberance and great enthusiasm. The Dean, School of law, along with all the faculty members, staff and students joined the celebrations of this harvest festival which began with the lighting up of the traditional bonfire, encircled by students, and faculty members who danced on the rock n roll beats of dhol and music. The celebration futher led to Lohri Poojan by everyone. Lohri marks the end of winter season and it provides an opportunity to have fun and spend joyous time with friends and family excusing our busy work schedules. This evening was marked by fun and gaiety. The mood on the campus was upbeat and students and faculty were totally absorbed in the festive spirit of Lohri. The Cultural committee (School of Law) ‘Darpan’ organised the event to keep the tradition and culture alive in our festivities.

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Dharnidhar Jha, former Judge, Allahabad High Court and Patna High Court, was invited for a special lecture on the importance on Constitution Day and contemporary challenges to the Indian Constitution to celebrate the Constitution Day.


Legal Aid Awareness Activities by AULAC (ANSAL UNIVERSITY LEGAL AID CLINIC):  In pursuance of effective implementation of campaign titled ” Connecting to serve- the way forward” from 9th Nov-18th Nov, 2017.  Ansal University Legal Aid Clinic undertook the following initiave:

Day 1- On 9th Nov,2017,  AULAC alongwith panel advocate Ms..Kheema Sharma and PLV Vineeth PR and Vimmy Garg started the campaign “Connected to serve “an initiative by DLSA. We visited residential and commercial area of village Wazirabad and spread awareness of their legal rights and  benefitted more than 50 people and distributed pamphlets among them.

Day 2- On 10 Nov 2017, the students of SOL with the help of AULAC and Legal Aid Counsel Kheema Sharma from DLSA ( District Legal Services Authority) visited village Tigara and spread awareness regarding basic laws among villagers, backward community and needy people.  Dr. Komal Sandhu (Coordinator AULAC) discussed about various schemes of DLSA regarding free legal aid along with functioning of AULAC contributing it’s sincere efforts towards Legal Aid. PLV’s (Para Legal Volunteers) Vineeth, Vimmy Garg and other students of SOL named; Harshit, Tripti, Anvi, Neha, Tanya, Ayushi and Vinamr also contributed in this social cause.

Day 3- On 13th November, 2017 AULAC Committee members with Panel advocates of DLSA and PLV’s continued with their door to door compaign at village Tigara and  then all of them visited roadside school at sector 56 for underprivileged children. The team provided basic knowledge of children’s legal right awareness regarding cleanliness, health and sanitation.

Day 4- On Children’s day, AULAC has decided to spread a massage of happiness and greetings to the differently abled children. Two professors Dr. Komal Sandhu and Prof. Abraham Joseph from School of Law, Ansal University with 12 Committee members visited Anand Ashram which is a homestead for mentally and physically challenged orphan boys in the care of the Society of the Missionary Brothers of Charity Contemplative of Mother Teresa of Kolkata. The faculty members acquainted the caretakers of shelter home with the rights of differently abled persons and their respective responsibilities of the care takers. The AULAC team also interacted with the children; make them laugh with creative fun games. Dr.Komal has encouraged the children to work hard and realise their dreams.

The basic aim of this programme to make these children happy and ensure them that we are with them in all their endeavour and needs.

Day 5- Awareness campaign  on Labour Laws-

The AULAC Committee members alpngwith PLV’s and Panel Advocates visited slum area of Wazirabad village. Labour welfare schemes and other labour issues were discussed. Committee members informed the people about Free legal aid services and various policies of DLSA.

Day 6. Neki ki Diwar-

A Wall of Kindness was set up near gate number .. of Sector 55 in Gurgaon on friday, to help underprivileged people who find it tough to make ends meet.

The Wall of Kindness or ‘Neki ki Deewar’ is a concept in which hooks or hangers are put up on a wall designated for the purpose and people leave clothes for the needy. This model of donations is followed around the world and is fast gaining popularity in India.

The site in Sector 55 was decided on due to its proximity to various commercial offices, and a heavy footfall of people every day.

The initiative is being taken up by AULAC (ANSAL UNIVERSITY LEGAL AID CLINIC SET UP IN ANSAL UNIVERSITY, SCHOOL OF LA ). Members associated with the campaign said they aim to inspire people to participate in the Legal aid awareness and social service initiatives. The initiative has a theme—‘If you don’t need it, leave it. If you need it, take it.’

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AULAC has taken up abovementioned initiative for the campaign Connecting to serve- the way forward, AULAC wanted to know that How DLSA would support AULAC in future activities.


School of Law, Ansal University organized an intellectually stimulating Panel Discussion on ‘Brexit and its Challenges to the European Union’ on 3 November 2017. The eminent Polish Public Intellectuals, Prof. Krystian Complak and Dr. Uszula graced the occasion. Prof. Complak delivered a scholarly talk on the impact of Brexit on the European Union and United Kingdom's historical relations with Brussels. The Discussion saw an in-depth and rigorous analysis of Euroscepticism, Globalization, and Civilizational clash of values. English Diplomatic relations with Europe, trade versus human rights in Europe, treaty withdrawal and International Law also featured prominently in the discussion. Dr. P. Lakshmi emphasized on the significance of Panel Discussions for Law Students and the importance of students contemplating and discussing global issues from a critical and analytical perspective. Blending classroom training with scholarly analysis has been the motto of Panel Discussions in School of Law and the Brexit Panel Discussion was a remarkable and memorable addition to this glorious legacy.


“SOL, Ansal University to hold 2nd International Moot Court Competition on 23rd-25th February, 2018. Registrations start on 22nd November, 2017″.

Pre Invite


Law Commission of India celebrated National Law Day in November 2017 where faculty and students from SOL attended the celebrations where the broad theme was the interface between three wings of the State i.e. Executive, Legislature, & Judiciary towards developing our nation, based on the theme of inclusiveness, development and justice to all.



Internship and Recruitment Committee (IRC), School of Law organized a Workshop on 'Image Management and Soft Skills' by Ms. Kavita Dhillon. This Workshop was conducted for Ansal University Students by Ms Kavita Dhillon, Chief Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer, Extra Edge Image Management and Consulting, a Gurgaon based firm, specialized in image consulting and soft skill training for individuals, institutions, and corporates. Extra Edge trained students on Introduction to the Program - Image and its Importance in today’s life, getting job ready, effective body Language in a job interview, personal grooming and dressing right to impress for an interview session, job interview etiquette that makes you stand out and how to communicate effectively in a job interview.


Ushering in the festival of lights, SOL organized a grand cultural fiesta ‘Illuminate 2017’ on Thursday, 12th October. Students across AU immersed themselves in the joy of celebrations by enthusiastically participating in numerous activities including Rangoli Making Competition, Diya Making Competition, Henna/Tattoo Making Competition, Face Painting Competition and Funk with Junk. Vice Chancellor, Dr. Kamlesh Misra presided over the prize distribution ceremony and congratulated the winners. SOL students in ethnic wear represented the cultural diversity of our country adding to the vibrancy of the colourful event.
‘Illuminate 2017’ was followed by the inauguration of DARPAN- the social responsibility wing of the Cultural Committee of SOL. Conceptualized as a social outreach endeavour, DARPAN seeks to internalize the values of sharing, caring and giving among the students of SOL. Bringing a smile on the faces of the underprivileged, building bridges between the haves and the have-nots and imbibing compassion for the needy is the hallmark of DARPAN. The first initiative of DARPAN saw students and faculty of SOL visit 3 orphanages were Diwali gifts were distributed to the children and important social messages were communicated to the young kids. The smile on their faces was proof of DARPAN’s incredible success on debut.


Mr. Gaurav Jain, lawyer, an alumnus of University of Oxford and Mr. Rohitashva Kamal and an alumnus of Brandeis University, Bostan and Core committee members of a civil society organization called Volunteer for Justice addressed SOL students on the topic "A talk on volunteering for Justice". They are in the process of establishing legal aid clinics in NCR region and have agreed to train our students for legal aid clinic activities.



SOL as a part of its awareness programme organized a Poster making Competition to create awareness and sensitivity on a critical and sensitive issue of female foeticide. Students from different schools of Ansal University actively participated and enjoyed the occasion to artistically express themselves.

Sharon, B.Sc. in Cardiovascular Technology, Arsi and Melaniek pursuing B. Design bagged second and third position respectively. Vanshika Bhati, B.A.L.L.B (H) was the first runner up and Nannya from B. Arch was the second runner up.


School of Law organized its Investiture Ceremony in September 2017. The ceremony witnessed the creation of six activity oriented Core Committees in School of Law, namely Moot Court, Debating, Internship, Sports, Cultural and Legal Aid. Chief Guest, Dr. M.S. Verma, swore in each Committee headed by a Student Convener and Co-Convener and 10 members each. The students undertook to shoulder the Committee responsibilities with diligence and commitment under the supervision and guidance of their respective faculty coordinators.






School of Law, Ansal University hosted its Orientation Programme for the incoming batch on Wednesday 16 August 2017.  Matthew Slone, Director, Global Legal Services, India, United Lex was the Guest of Honour gracing the occasion. Mr. Slone spoke in depth about the legal profession and the role of young lawyers. He articulated the need for students to identify specific areas of focus and inculcate sincerity of purpose. Dean, School of Law, Dr. Sanoj Rajan emphasized the importance of an analytical frame of mind amidst highlighting the important aspects of law school life. The afternoon session of the programme saw Mrs. Vasundhara, Director, Centre of Excellence in Alternative Care, India (CEAC) elaborate upon Foster Care in India, Juvenile Justice and the complex interplay of law and sensitivity.

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School of Law, Ansal University organized a Mock Moot Court Presentation on 11 September 2017 for the First Year Students. The purpose of the Moot Court was to familiarize the students with the nuances of mooting and emphasize the significance of mooting in law school. Mr. Abhishek Dubey, Principal Associate, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas graced the occasion by delivering an inspiring and motivating talk on ‘Mooting and How to be a successful lawyer’ prior to the start of the Moot Court.  The talk enhanced student’s knowledge on mooting, drafting and application of law. Students from all the 4 years were a part of the same.

The problem was based on Contract Law and the Moot Court Student Committee Members of the 3rd and 4th year comprised the teams. Prof. Abraham Joseph, Faculty Convener of the Moot Court Committee, Prof. Dr. Komal Sandhu, Faculty, School of Law and Prof. Sharjil Khan, Faculty, School of Law presided over as judges.

Abraham Joseph,

Faculty Coordinator, Moot Court Committee, School of Law, Ansal University

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School of Law, Ansal University is happy to announce that Faculty Member, Prof. Abraham Joseph’s latest article titled ‘India is in breach of its Obligations to the Genocide Convention’ has been published in The Wire dated 02/05/2017.

The link of the article is as follows:

law article


1) Mr. Abraham Joseph’s (Faculty, School of Law) article titled ‘ Its Time for France to Face its Past and Debate Crimes against Humanity‘ has been published in Global Edition of The Conversation* dated 26/04/2017. See the link for the article

2) Prof. Sanoj Rajan’s (Dean, School of Law) article titled ‘ Ending Statelessness arising out of Surrogacy in India: The Latest Developments’  Has been published in European Network on Statelessness, published from London dated 21/04/2017. See the link for the article


School of Law, Ansal University organized  Legal Aid Awareness Camp under the aegis of Ansal University Legal Aid Clinic (AULAC) in Abhaypur and Damdama villages on 22nd April 2017 and 23rd April 2017 (Situated near Sohna, Haryana).

AULAC members presented their views and spread legal awareness through street play and by distribution of pamphlets. They covered topics such as Domestic Violence, Sexual harassment, Senior Citizen Rights, Child Rights, Corruption, Gender Discrimination and Dowry Prohibition  and RTI .


The Villagers, mainly women discussed their problems with the volunteers. After which the volunteers address the problems.  More than 40 questionnaires were filled by the people from both the villages.


The enthusiastic volunteers were highly encouraged and appreciated by the villagers including the Sarpanch. They were full of spirit and this inspired them to further perform more activities in future. They cultivated the idea of helping more people with their campaigns in the upcoming events. The sense of unity and teamwork were beaming in colors among the volunteers during the event, resulting in their stronger bonding and a successful campaign.




school of Law, Ansal University is organizing a Legal Aid Awareness Camp under the aegis of Ansal University Legal Aid Clinic (AULAC). This is a two day event scheduled in Abhaypur and Damdama village on 22 April 2017 and 23 April 2017 (Situated near Sohna, Haryana).

Around 25 students along with faculty members Dr. Komal Sandhu and Mr. Sharjil Khan will join this endevour. United Lex, a leading global provider of legal and business services is also joining as they are interested in sponsering our future such activities.

The schedule is as follows:


{DAY 1}

22 APRIL,2017(Saturday)


12 PM Departure from University
1:30 -2:30 PM Lunch
3:30 -5:00 PM Village 1{Abhaypur}
5:30 -8:00 PM Village 2 {Damdama}
8:00 -8:30 PM Back to Camp
8:30 – 10:00 PM Fun Activities at the Camp

{DAY 2}

23 April,2017(Sunday)


6 AM Morning Camp Activities
8:30 – 9:30 AM Breakfast
9:30 – 10:00 AM Back to the University


School of Law, was invited to lecture at Mediation Training Program organised by High Court of Manipur at Imphal on 15-16 April 2017. Prof. Ms. Astha Metha, (Faculty), passionately delivered lectures in the two-day program which was attended by High Court and Lower Court Judges.