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I strongly believe that any college is only as strong as its student body. At the School of Law, we have an enthusiastic student community and multiple student bodies handling various activities, all of which work to create a holistic educational experience for all students. I believe in a hands on approach to learning that is augmented by work experience and regular interaction with experts instead of limiting our students to textbooks and statutes. Every student is encouraged to step out of his or her comfort zone to explore the myriad opportunities available at Ansal and beyond. We take a personal approach to handling parent-student dynamics and encourage periodical interaction between the parents and faculty, to make sure that no grievances go unaired and no opportunity is missed. With a state of the art campus located in close proximity to the national capital, students at the School of Law, Ansal University enjoy enviable access to the best legal opportunities and get to work and learn with the top legal minds of India. Our students intern with Supreme Court advocates and top tier law firms, cementing their success as future legal professionals who enter their professions with a vast array of experience. With regular conferences, seminars and other events, we also ensure that students are not confined to their syllabus and instead get to learn from niche experts and academicians from various fields of law. I understand that choosing a law school is no easy task and that devoting five years of your life to an institution is a huge commitment. At Ansal, we recognise the responsibility that parents and student entrust us with when they choose Ansal University’s School of Law. We endeavour to make sure that all our students graduate as well rounded human beings who will go on to serve a much larger cause than just themselves. I look forward to welcoming you to the School of Law this year.