The fashion designing is nothing but a creative art of designing and adding natural beauty to clothes as well as accessories. To be a successful fashion designer a person with his creative and innovative ideas has to create or follow new trends that have come on the market.  The brand is also important to achieve success in this career. Given below are top 10 careers opportunities in the fashion industry in India:

1. Fashion Designing
Anyone having an interest in studying fashion trends, sketching innovative designs, selecting materials and having knowledge about the production aspects of their design can become a good fashion designer. Fashion designers have to understand the requirements of the clients and design accordingly.  Some designers gain experience by working with extremely talented fashion designers or are able to establish their own fashion brands. Garment manufacturing industries or branded boutiques, showrooms etc. recruit them.

2. Textile & Apparel Designing
Textile & Apparel Designing

Various types of cloth, woven fabrics that are used to make garments as well as other materials like wool, khadi and dye etc. are known as textiles. Textile and apparel designers with their innovative and creative ideas and talents create patterns and designs for these woven, knitted and printed fabrics. They also learn different processes like yarning, knitting, weaving, dyeing, finishing process, etc. They get to work in textile mills, manufacturing units, fashion houses etc.

3. Accessory Designing
Accessories can change your overall look and give you a glamorous look. Handbags, belts, scarf, footwear, necklaces, earrings, hats, sunglasses etc are some accessories which can give you a stylish and stunning look. Based on modern fashion trends and using creative and innovative ideas, an accessory designer can design beautiful accessories. National Institute of Fashion Technology along with other designing courses also offers accessories, fashion designing course in Gurgaon. An accessory designer can create his or her own brand, work for an apparel manufacturing unit, etc.

4. Jewellery Design
Jewellery Design
Jewellery adds to the beauty of a person. Famous jewellery brands like Tanishq, KalyanJewellers, etc. have astonishing and spectacular diamonds and jewellery items. Jewellery designer always keeps a track of the current trends and based on the information they make beautiful designs according to the customer’s choice and preference. Necklaces, bangles, rings, etc are the various jewellery pieces designed by them. They work with jewellery showrooms or manufacturers.

5. Fashion Technology Course
An individual having technological skill and creativity can excel in this field. Fashion technologist work on the development, production and quality management of garments. With the help of well-organized methods they make sure that the clothes made are cost effective and the quality is well maintained and up to the standard. They work with fashion houses, garment producing unit etc.

6. Luxury Brand Management Course
Luxury brand managers by using their marketing and business skills look after the total management of a brand. They have to travel all around the world and built a strong network with people. They can work as a brand manager, product manager, etc. for luxury brands. SP Jain School of Global Management, Mumbai is one of the top institutes.

7. Fashion Business Management Course
Those who have a passion for fashion are talented and capable of doing business and marketing can make a successful career in this field. Fashion business and brand managers do research and analysis of the latest fashion and market trend in great depth so that they can anticipate how successful the product will be among the customers. It is their job to see that with the help of media and advertisements the brand value of the product is maintained. Using social media platform they can market their fashion products all over the world.

8. Image Consulting/Personal Styling Course
Giving advice on a person’s personal style and clothing is the job of image consultants. Their work is to create an appealing outlook of their clients by changing their complete image. Anyone who has a great passion for fashion and is outstanding in communication skill can be successful in this field. Image consultants work for image consulting firms, private or public companies and many more.

9. Fashion Blogging Course
Fashion Blogging is the best platform for fashion lovers who are interested in sharing their knowledge and views with the entire world. Fashion bloggers can form their own blogs and write their views about fashion on the blog. As they want their fashion products and style to be well known in the fashion industry, they display their elegant outfits, beautiful accessories and style through their blogs, YouTube videos, Instagram posts and so on. They share their knowledge about fashion and also advise their viewers on style and fashion of clothes, accessories etc.

10. Fashion Photography Course
If you have a great interest in photography you can combine your interest with fashion and become a fashion photographer. Through photographs, the fashion photographers display their apparels, accessories, jewellery and other fashion goods in an attractive manner. Their aim is to show these fashion items in such an appealing way that the customers get attracted and show an interest in purchasing them.  They are usually recruited by fashion magazines, fashion houses and advertising agencies, etc. These and many more fashion designing courses in Gurgaon are coming up.