Pushing The Boundaries Of Digital Education

Digital awareness is increasing manifold every day to become circuitous and dynamic with the advancement of technology. Flourishing technology has led to new challenges and concerns which tend to emerge continuously in the industry.
Being ready for digital literacy is indispensable for those who are learning and aspire to make sense of technology. Ansal University is a place, with a plethora of interest for those who wish to explore the digital future. Our University propounds a peculiar blend of fantastic facilities, excellent location and magnificent learning opportunities. Ansal University is one of the best universities in Delhi NCR and our students leverage the efficacy of latest technologies to augment their learning. We use new technology to engage our learners and enhance their experiences. As a part of National Digital Initiative, all our faculty members and students are now members of National Digital Library as they were enrolled recently into the Massive Open Online Courses available through SWAYAM. Ansal University has framed corporate ready courses for engineering aspirants. We also guide and train students on specific technologies in practice in the industry. Besides already existing international collaborations, School of Engineering & Technology, Ansal University, has collaborated with industry leaders like Lucideus and iNurture having an expertise in the fields of cybersecurity, Data Science and Cloud Technology to provide B.tech CSE in Cyber Security, Data Science and Cloud Technology.
As we enter into the age of artificial intelligence, there is a fear of massive job loss and unemployment. But as the CEO of Mondo, a niche tech and digital marketing staffing agency, truly said,” I envision this future as one of major job creation and opportunity. This future, however, is only possible if we work together to guide AI and robotics innovation responsibly throughout all industries.” Ansal University recently signed an MOU with the University of West England – Bristol for collaborative projects in the fields of engineering, robotics and design. With dynamically changing technologies, our education system is sure to see a remarkable paradigm shift in learning!