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Fashion and textiles is a field that draws insights from diverse fields, such as science, social science, and arts. The recent trend of growing diversity in the fashion and textiles field has naturally led to greater interdisciplinary collaboration. During this Fourth Industrial Revolution, the entire textile industry, from manufacturing to retail, nowadays expects greater interaction among various technologies.

Automation & Technology
Great progress in materials science, innovations in design have facilitated the emergence of smart wear, and developments in 3D garment design technology and 3D printing have noticeably reduced the average time it takes from design to manufacturing. Artificial intelligence has allowed the industry to react to consumer needs in real time. Thus, we at Sushant School of Design believes that interdisciplinary and cross-functional research is more important than ever in the field of fashion and textiles.

Leading Innovation
Fashion has always been a forcing house for innovation — from the invention of the sewing machine to the rise of e-commerce. Fashion is forward-looking and cyclical. It is one of the largest industries in the global economy, where tech is transforming it at a fast speed than ever.
From robots that can weave, sew and cut fabric, to Artificial Intelligence algorithms predicting trends and styles, to Visual Reality mirrors in dressing rooms, technology is automating, personalizing, and speeding up every aspect of fashion.
As more and more Artificial Intelligence “assistance” programs advance, it will help brands in making smart strategic decisions around product development and new business lines, making it necessary for students to push innovation with creativity. That’s the reason behind Sushant School of Design offering new age B.Des courses



Era of Personalisation
The next era of fashion is all about Personalisation. Technology is changing the process at all levels of the fashion industry: designers, manufacturers, retailers, stylists, and consumers. Virtual reality has a range of applications which allows production and distribution methods to evolve at a rapid pace. The moment customer’s taste changes, there is an immediate change in the trends. Meanwhile, from sketchpad to store shelf, every aspect of the industry is being automated or enhanced by tech — making for faster production, more effective inventory management, and a wider range of online and in-store retail experiences.
Automation might take over many roles within the fashion industry. However, it will create new types of roles around curation, customer service, and engineering. As technology becomes more responsive to the individual, it will be interesting to watch how massive will be the role of the designer.
We are entering the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence and Sushant School of Design focuses to inculcate students with creativity that complements personalization.
NEVERTHELESS, TO BRAIN STORM ‘ What ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Can’t Do’, the summary of which is – they cannot create!!!
Future World needs creatives, and that is just what designers are. START INVESTING IN CREATIVITY.. that is the way forward.

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