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The electronic and mass media have always greatly influenced public and have, besides, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of the target audience, proved to be a handy solution in making decisions with regard to the various products and services. The top-of-the-mind awareness, as well as the back-of-the-mind responsiveness to the elements having been discussed or shown in the media, are so strong that one has a chance to intuitionally recall them at some point or another. Furthermore, the dramatic and comical touches and frills attached to these programs in the form of visuals, music, props, acoustic effects make these programs highly interesting and, indeed, spell-binding.

These television documentaries and reality shows, interspersed with interesting anecdotes, narratives, and stories are so well sequenced that they appear to truly represent the real world of hospitality and portray several real-time and promising opportunities provided by Hotel Management Colleges in Gurgaon. Furthermore, it is the presence or even the guest-appearance of film stars and renowned personalities in these shows that add the real euphoria, glamour and appeal to such shows. Even a first-time, involuntary patronage of these reality shows gets one’s brain thinking about possible career options that might never ever had crossed the minds of the viewers. Apart from the popularity, sponsorship and the viewership that such shows command, the creation of interest in the minds of people, especially in the minds of people watching the star-studded internationally sponsored cookery shows, is something that is but bound to happen.

These shows certainly help inspire careers in the hospitality industry, especially amongst the younger, restless lots, where the concentration, besides the focus of the viewers on the real preparation of the dishes is more towards admiration for the trade. The modern-day chefs have carved an exclusive niche for themselves and are usually looked upon as a set of people who command tremendous respect and whose profession is very well remunerated. This fact is further endorsed by the truth that the chefs, besides being well paid, also enjoy an entire array of perks and privileges. They are invited by promoters of foodstuffs for the promotion of their products and happen to be imminent, important people in the panel of judges for competitions and in reality shows, are welcomed by the general managers, and the owners of hotels, whose suggestions are usually implemented. Hotels categorize chefs as specialists and, being so, are considered to be senior professionals in the hierarchy of a hotel. The matter of innovation highly exhibited and overcast in the reality shows, wherein the competing candidates put in the best of their performance to exhibit their mettle within the stipulated time, resources and limitations creates an element of unlimited excitement – something that is enough to accentuate, tempt and entice people to join this thrilling and electrifying world of hospitality.

More often, the response to the questions as to why a particular student would like to pursue hotel and hospitality management as a career, is usually like – “I want to join top hotel management college in Delhi NCR because I love cooking and I have a deep interest in this area… This certifies the truth that the interest in these young people is purely by virtue of the fact that they were exposed to the wonderful world of cookery and bakery in through various TV shows. Another fascinating factor which this reality shows repeatedly harp upon and highlight is the wide range of professional possibilities available for these chefs in the international arena – A show reportedly announced that “People of this world will always travel the entire world, they will need hotel rooms, want leisure activities and will always crave for good food all their lives…How can this industry ever get into recession…? This trade will always see an upward trend and will carry on like this in its different avatars…This assurance of a promising future and the element of security stressed upon is greatly appreciated by the audience.

Top Hotel Management Colleges in Gurgaon has given rise to several entrepreneurs – even at a low scale. One of the chefs in an exclusive interview, relating his success story on the TV said – “I started preparing food for just about 8 people for a regular supply of lunch, 5 days per week…The numbers doubled within 3 weeks and then many other new companies joined in. Today I have a whole team and we supply lunch to as many as 700 people in a day”.

“Eye for detail and quality with a persistent and stringent hygiene control – the latest methods of which are discussed in the greatest of details so many times during the reality shows, is what made me think that more than the taste of the food, the health-conscious customer of today wants to be conscious about where you procure your ingredients from, how you store them, how you prepare them and how you transport them.” The dynamism of this industry is definitely arousing a lot of interest among new entrepreneurs. Another comment made by one of the master chefs as a judge in a reality show was, “This is the trade which can make or break you. It’s only meant for people who love food. And once you love it from the depth of your heart…you can never be a loser…”

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