A Message To The Future Urban Planner | Sushant School Of Art And Architecture

The concept of urban planning, as a profession emerged less than a century ago, though people have been laying the groundwork for bustling cities for much longer. The profession is in a new epoch of development as the move is towards settlements, which are smart, resilient and sustainable.

Urban planning, as a choice of profession, is the need of the hour since there is a colossal and pertinent societal demand for professionals to be involved in solving the critical problems of environmental pollution, homelessness, congestion, unemployment and many more. Ideally, an individual with an inclination to this profession believes that cooperation and participation are more likely to achieve tangible and appropriate outcomes than actions based on silo approach. This field of knowledge allows one to work with government bodies, multinational companies, academia, research organizations & NGOs as well as undertake private consulting assignments.

We, at Sushant School of Art and Architecture (SSAA), Ansal University, offer the essential framework to understand an urban area as a working mechanism through our 3 programmes, namely:

  1. Masters in Urban Planning
  2. Bachelors in Sustainable Planning
  3. Bachelors in Planning

These programmes are structured to enhance the capabilities of young practitioners in social, environmental and economic decision-making. Students learn to estimate the costs and benefits of a rational decision. The Faculty enables them to be the driving force which envisages the change in our town and city development.

In recent times, it has been evident that citizen participation, public opinion surveys, people-centric proposals are important tools for sustainable & effective planning. The programmes incorporate these modern pedagogical techniques to ensure that the students consider such aspects while formulating the master plans, infrastructure development plans, transportation plans and environmental plans.

At Sushant School Of Art And Architecture (SSAA), We train students to be well versed with the latest concepts and techniques for cartographic representation, geospatial and statistical data analysis. The studio lectures, structured in the curriculum have real-time design problems. Our pupils are trained to formulate solutions & proposals, which are adaptive and as per the ground realities. They are not just confined to the traditional classroom teaching but undertake studio assignments in different parts of the country to scrutinize the problems more closely. International travel is encouraged and students witness some of the best practices in transportation, infrastructure development & environment. This exposure to global concepts and advancement equips them with multicultural working skills.

If one’s passion is wisely invested in a professional programme, the outlook towards bringing a transformation in the world becomes more concrete. As planners, we are empowered to lead viable development. At Sushant School Of Art And Architecture (SSAA), we ensure that students grow into professionals who flourish and work for the progress of the urban environment.

A heightened awareness of a future that is based on the people’s need to live in smart cities is becoming increasingly apparent and hence ensuring the continual evolution of the urban planning profession throughout the rest of the 21st century.