Huge Demand for Cyber Security Professionals? Why is B.Tech in Cyber Security (CSE) the only answer?

A big question these days is that why there is a talent shortage when it comes to the much needed Information Security? There have been a number of reports being shared by top market research companies and one report conducted by Frost & Sullivan for the (ISC)² Foundation with the support of Booz Allen Hamilton clearly says that there will be more than 1.5 million unfilled positions of cybersecurity professionals by 2020.

The world we live in, is so heavily networked together that we are bound to use the internet and transfer of information over the web of networks can’t be restricted. Since a long time, cyber-attacks are taking place and some of the high-profile espionages have given raised concerns that hacks and other security attacks could put the economies in jeopardy.

Reason behind shortage

One of the main reasons behind this shortage is the unavailability of skilled people because there had been no full-time B.Tech Cyber security courses available to instill the required knowledge and skills. But as the cyber security industry is growing at fast rate, and a report from IDC mentions of it surpassing $100 Billion worldwide revenue by 2020.

 What’s required?

The skills and traits of cybersecurity professionals can’t be instilled in the classrooms only, but the students need hands-on training with tons of industrial exposure, special cyber security certifications and a lot of practice which is not done by the students in the usual college life. The only one way to bridge this gap between “Demand & Availability” is to have specifically designed courses which fit on the current requirement of cybersecurity professionals.

The slowdown in the fusion of talent among bad guys in cyberspace is not at all going to happen. To deal with it there is a huge need of significant change in the education model to create a large pool of cybersecurity professionals, which are skilled enough to ensure the security of information which is being used as fuel for Artificial Intelligence and all the daily affairs of the 21st century.

 Unique Initiative

In this world, where every day a cyber-security breach is being listed in the news, our privacy and information are never going to be safe. Thus, to ensure a safer future where there is no such threat to our lives by someone manipulating the AI (artificial intelligence) which may lead to a catastrophe, Ansal University Best Private University Northern India 2016-2017 (National Education Excellence Award 2017) have joined hands with  Lucideus Technologies Pvt. LTD. one of the most influential cyber security companies in India (Cyber security company of the year 2018 awarded by Dynamic CISO) forum to craft a unique programme B.Tech CSE in cyber security.

The programme is so designed to provide much needed industrial exposure to students, helping them imbibe the traits of successful cybersecurity professionals with international internship opportunities to learn globally. To know about the programme and get an expert advice, you can give a call on the toll-free number 1800-200-5520

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