6 Must Know Reasons For Becoming Professional Architect

Are you having trouble in deciding your career path? You are a creative person having a flair for design but cannot take the burden of science. You are good at designing and architecture but cannot sustain civil engineering. You know drawings and art but you are bad in mathematics. If all these conditions are in affirmation with you then you are the right person for being an architect. The job of an architect is a highly esteemed and prestigious job. The job of an architect is the job of high responsibility and the pay is also handsome. Many countries like Saudi Arabia or Gulf countries exclusively welcome the architects from all around the world to develop their projects.

India is also a growing economy and the infrastructure is still in the developmental stage. The new states which are formed in the past and the smart city project requires an army of architects to support the infrastructure. The architecture school in India is known in the world for producing quality architect. There is a huge pressure on the architecture school in India to produce more architects for the growing infrastructure.

The students who are in a tumultuous situation regarding the career options can choose to become an architect. There are various reasons to become an architect and to choose the study of architecture over other studies. There are many prejudices regarding architecture. Many people confuse architecture with civil engineering and are not able to clearly distinguish between them. The study of architecture is totally different from the study of civil engineering and both have their distinct work areas. While both the streams have to work in coordination to bring an idea on paper into reality.  The top reason to choose architecture over other streams are:

1. New Arena to Explore

The law, medicine and engineering have become a very clichéd career choice. The study of architecture has a new domain to explore and learn. This subject has always remained from ages and is not a new entry in the education field. Thus parents or teachers who have any doubt regarding it can convince themselves regarding the validity of the subject. It is one of the key domains for infrastructure.

2. Handsome Salary

The job of an architect is a white-collar job. This job will provide an opportunity to tour around the world and meet new places.  Handsome salaries are paid to the architect all around the world. Also, there are no fix strata of income and as time passes and your experience increases the pay increases exponentially. The architect gets to live in the top hotels and visit the breathtaking destinations for a study tour. Thus being an architect you will lead a well-satisfied life and will provide a good and healthy future for your family.

3. Different from Civil Engineering

There are many people who equate architecture with civil engineering. While civil engineering deals with the construction of the buildings and civilian projects the architecture are related to the design of the project. An architect’s job is to design the particular structure or building as per the current requirements of the customer. The tall skyscrapers which you see or the luxury hotels or the fantastic structures are all the result of the idea of an architect. In a nutshell, the job of an architect is to make the impossible into possible.

4. No Need for Technical Education

It has been noticed that many bright and talented students who are good at creative stuff are not able to pursue their dream because of the fear of technical education. The students who are not good in mathematics or physics are devoid of their dream. However, the requirement of mathematics and physics is more in the first of civil engineering than architecture. The study of architecture demands a very thorough mind in understanding the designs. The disciple should be good in drawings and understand them. He/ she should be a creative person who can easily organize things.

5. Demand for Architects

As mentioned earlier the demand for architects is very high in the world. Not only in the developing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or China but the developed countries also require architects. An architect can find a job in any part of the world. The architects are always involved in new projects or the existing projects. In India, only the new infrastructure development policy requires an army of architects to suffice its demands. The new government has provided an impetus to the infrastructure projects. Many existing infrastructure projects which were in pipeline are being initiated. The government is also giving green signal to new projects.

6. Ample Opportunities

An architect has ample opportunities to earn. There is no retirement age in this profession and the more experience you have the more you can make. Even if you are not actively involved in the construction projects then you can take up the educational field. Consulting is also a great domain for passive influence in the market.