Architecture is an art of planning, designing and constructing buildings. For any student who has decided to pursue a career in Architecture, it is very important that he/she is aware of all the facts pertaining to that field. A person who has decided to be an architect must have design and drawing skills, analytical skills, communication and negotiating skills, excellent arithmetic skills and IT skills. The student must select the best architecture school to have a successful career and a bright future. Given below are the 10 things prepared from the available information which students must be aware of before going for architecture:

1. Selection of University
Worldwide there are many schools or colleges of architecture. But there are also many architecture schools in India. You may find them in places like Mumbai, Pune, Karnataka, etc. Students have to make the right choice. It is a field of experts that requires vital education, different skills and experience. College or universities that are offering a degree of architecture are on a lookout for students who are outstanding in math and also acquired some knowledge or already shown interest in drawing and designing skill through summer jobs, internship etc. Such students are first preferred.

2. Must Be Ready To Study Hard
If a student wishes to be successful in architecture then he/she must be prepared to sacrifice their entire time to studies. This field is a very competitive one. So students have to give a lifetime commitment to this education if he wants to top in this field.

3. Excellent Math Skill Is Essential For Architecture
Architecture is all about drawing and designing that completely depends on shapes, lines and angle. So mathematics seems to be a useful part to acquire an architectural degree. To become a successful architect you have to do a complete study of the 4 primary areas of math i.e. geometry, trigonometry, calculus, finite math that will teach you the skills required to design and construct a building.

4. Must Be Able To Solve Problems With Creative & Innovative Ideas
Whether you have math skill and drawing skill, but it is important that you have an intelligent skill in solving problems with the help of your creative and innovative ideas. A successful architect is the one who is able to solve any problems of his clients quickly with satisfaction and design building accordingly.

5. Learning From The Work Done By The Famous Architects
Gaining inspiration from the work done by the famous historical architects is the real foundation of a bright future for a student pursuing a degree in architecture. Students can learn a lot about their work that can guide and help them in this field and make them a successful architect.

6. Visiting Places That Are Best Designed
Apart from learning about the famous architects from past, it is advisable to visit the places where you can personally look at the amazing and incredible architecture and design. Financially it might not be possible for all to travel all over the world but they can definitely travel within India and see the well-designed cities built by famous Indian architects. You can learn more by personally seeing the wonderful architecture rather than learning from books.

7. Be Prepared To Sacrifice For A Successful Career
After you have successfully taken admission in the best architecture college in India, you must be ready to do hard work to complete your studies. For this, you might have to give up your leisure time, reduce your sleeping hours so that you can utilize those hours for studying. Hard work and complete concentration will surely help you to achieve architecture degree with flying colors.

8. Becoming Rich Is Doubtful
It is not necessary, but quite possible that an architect will earn enough but will not become very rich. If you feel that this field will help you gain more wealth, it’s not true. An architect’s salary is not so high, but in future, he can accumulate enough wealth and set up his own business which if successful can make him rich.

9. Necessary For Students To Do Internship
On successfully achieving an architecture degree the students must do an internship in that particular field. In today’s competitive market there is a demand for highly skilled and experienced person. So by doing an internship, the person will be working under an experienced architect and he will get good exposure and experience in that field. While applying for a job this experience counts and he might land up having a good job with high salary.

10. Jobs Are Tiring & Detail Oriented
After completion of architecture studies from the Architecture school of India, you have to search for jobs. Most of the jobs are tiring and detail oriented i.e. to design and draw a particular picture line, angles, very minute measurements are needed which requires a lot of attention and perfection. Most of the architects don’t get to enjoy the benefits until their project is accepted and construction work has started.